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Enter a soothing landscape of minimalistic sounds and lo-fi atmospheres in this electronic and post-chiptune music collection. Ideal for narrative games yet adaptable to various moods.

Produced and composed by Andrea Baroni

A license is included in the package and it allows unrestricted usage of these assets for commercial or non-commercial projects of any kind

  • 14 full songs (average length 2.2 min)
  • Several versions and loops for each song

A total of 50 tracks, 43 minutes of original music (76 minutes total) - 44kHZ 16bit wav files.


And have the option to download and use all of my assets here on itch.io, plus have access to many more assets, updates, and request custom changes.


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Buy Now$19.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $19 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Cyberleaf-ModernLoFiAmbient.zip 695 MB

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Hello. I got this in a Fanatical bundle, but the Fanatical site didn’t give me the license, is that an actual distributor or was I scammed?


Hi, thanks for purchasing my audio assets!
Don't worry, yes, that was legit (if I am not wrong it was a bundle in collaboration with GameDevMarket, where I also sell assets).
Sorry that the license text wasn't in the zip, I must have forgotten to add it to that bundle. But your proof of purchase from Fanatical is more than enough, you don't need anything else, songs are not registered for Content ID or anything like that.

The license document only states this:
"Audio assets included in the package may be used without attribution in commercial and non-commercial projects of any kind.
The audio assets may not be redistributed or remixed in whole or in part. They may not be resold elsewhere as an asset or part of an asset pack, unless explicitly approved by the author.
If you want to attribute the audio assets (which is greatly appreciated), please clearly include the names 'Andrea Baroni', 'bluegestalt' or 'Cyberleaf Studio'."

Thank you so much for the clarification! Have a great day!

I really like your music and I’m planning to use it in my current hobby project. I’m about to release a trailer using the song “The Tech Show” and I’d like to credit you at the end. Is “Music by Andrea Baroni” fine or do you prefer I’d use Cyberleaf Studio?

This is the Steam page if you want to have a look: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1837400/Kargo/


Thank you for using my music in your game and for getting in contact. I checked the Steam page and the game looks really nice! Yes, if you can credit me as Andrea Baroni it would be really appreciated :)
I will soon add your game to the list of games featuring my music on my website (https://andreabaroni.com/games-portfolio/). Please let me know in case you don't want me to do that.
Best of luck with its release in September!

Thanks for your kind words! I might contact you again, depending on how Steam Next Fest works out. And yes, please add it to your portfolio :)

I've got this pack in it's earlier version (Minimal Future) as a bundle deal from groupees, now I wondered is my license still valid for ModernLoFiAmbient and the additional tracks?


Sure, no problem with that. It's still the same asset pack after all, just updated.

would it be possible to use this for  youtube videos?

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Sure thing!
Since the price is quite cheap, the only thing I am asking you, in case you are going to create several videos with these tracks (maybe even about different projects or topics), is to buy more licenses, same as what you would do when using these tracks for multiple games. So not a license per video of course, don't worry, but at least a license every few videos.
I hope it makes sense. Apart from that, please go ahead, and feel free to share your videos with me, I am always curious to see how my music is getting used :)